(Apologies for forgotting to fill subject in the first mail)

Koji 1.25.0 is out. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

You can read release notes here:

  * unification of error messages and improved CLI error handling
  * better handling of authentication problems, so user can more easily determine what is happening
  * some API calls are extended to provide GMT timestamps in addition to textual dates for improved timezone handling
  * speedup option (with_owners=False) for readPackageList call
  * new policy for altering task priorities
  * new "hastag" policy for garbage-collector extending options to protect builds from deleting
  * repository metadata now contain task id for respective createrepo task
  * speedup of task list web page (omitting pagination on first page)
  * configurable sidetag suffixes
  * fixed persistent message queue in protonmsg plugin
  * various speedups and fixes for kojira
  * bug fixes
  * documentation updates

  * 65 pull requests ( + 20 in 1.24.1)

You can view the 1.25 roadmap at https://pagure.io/koji/roadmap/1.25
For the current roadmap, see https://pagure.io/koji/roadmap

You can download this and other releases at https://pagure.io/koji/releases


            Tomas Kopecek <tkopecek@redhat.com>
            RHEL Build Development, RedHat