On 21/09/2007, Dave Jones <davej@redhat.com> wrote:
I've created a #fedora-kernel channel on freenode in response
to the large number of /msg's I continue to get which really
should be going to a wider audience.

I expect it to be low-traffic, but it may be a worthwhile experiment
to see if it helps any for triage, coordination etc.

Is there any value is punting out a message to fedora-test to get more people on the case with triaging? I'm getting to the point now where bugs aren't so old any more therefore people remember why they filed, can still replicate the bug so the process rate is slowing somewhat. When you say /msg do you mean people in IRC or bugzilla emails about bug status changes. Is it worth setting up a bugzilla monitor to show status changes to kernel bugs?

Also, is it worth setting mailman to change the reply-to address so it goes to the list rather than the poster a-la -devel and -test?