Ok, so let's keep this in mind for the next meeting. It's a fair argument. 

Em dom, 17 de out de 2021 13:17, Adam Williamson <adamwill@fedoraproject.org> escreveu:
On Sun, 2021-10-17 at 08:55 -0300, Geraldo Simião Kutz wrote:
> Ok, I understand the point, I too have lived with some of these bugs and
> don't noticed them until now. It's fair to move on and don't hold the
> release hostage as Matthew said, but for that I think we should add some
> rule, policie or something to the release blocking criteria allowing that,
> because most of these bugs meet one or other criteria and we must be
> consistent.

You can make an argument against the repo enable/disable bugs even on
the merits, honestly. We seem to be rather expanding our definition of
'critical functionality' lately. When we first wrote that criterion, I
don't think we would've expected it to cover "visual issues with
flatpak/fwupd repo enabling in the package manager", but at least three
people voted that way this time, so the bugs got accepted. It's
reasonable for someone - especially someone from KDE SIG - to say hang
on, we wouldn't have voted that way, can we please re-vote it? If
someone does come to a meeting or ticket with a reasonable argument
against the decision, we can re-consider it. We have plenty of
precedent for re-voting blockers based on new information (like "it's
been broken for years and apparently nobody cared a lot") or reasoning
("is this really critical functionality?")

I do think that if we're going to go hard on package manager
functionality as release-blocking, it might be a good idea to extend
the explicit criteria, rather than rely on the 'critical functionality
test' wording. Honestly, when we first wrote that criterion, for a
package manager I would've expected it to cover "run the app and
install a package", I wouldn't really expect it to go as far as
covering the repo configuration bugs we currently have as blockers.
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