Dear Patrick,

I never saw that behavior (expending folders when hover with a file to move) and that lies beyond my interests. Ironically, that behavior was harmful for me when I used Mac OS. There were several times  that I released the left button 'simultaneously' with the Finder opened  the destination folder,  so that my file got moved  to some location inside the destination folder, which wasn't my intention. I usually  have two Dolphin's windows opened with the detail view mode in each workspace.

The things I like in  Dolphin are of another sort. This is designed closer to the well-established and reliable logic of working in a command line of console windows. In short, I feel some harmony in this as in good music. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts like F3 to split  or  F2 to rename, which accelerate work.  I also like the pop-out window suggesting a choice either to move or to copy a file, and I often use the build-in command line (F4).  I'm using KDE in my everyday work though I'm not a coder.

Anyway, let me thank you for your curiosity -- at times it leads to progress.

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On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 3:38 PM, Patrick O'Callaghan <> wrote:
On Thu, 2015-10-22 at 19:31 +0300, Oleg Markin wrote:
> in my experience/opinion, the Dolphin is the best as compared to the
> file browsers of Gnom at LInux, Windows or Mac. So please give it on
> more chance -- study it's configuration opportunities.

As I said, the specific problem I reported is not present in several
other file browsers on other systems. If you have a specific
recommendation on what configuration options I need to change to get
the desired behaviour, I'll be glad to try it.

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