2009/10/6 Anne Wilson <cannewilson@googlemail.com>
My £0.02 (and I wouldn't be surprised to find that Fefora folk are already
thinking this way) - forget KOffice on the live CD.  Keep KOffice 1.6 easily
available on the repos.  Keep KOffice 2 on the unstable repos so that those of
us with the interest in helping its development can use it.  That should give
us the best of both worlds, IMO.


Sadly, Koffice is not an option for an average user. I don't know if OO.org  fits in KDE live-cd, but I think it's worth to try.

IIRC, there is an effort to integrate OO.org and KDE, and Kubuntu will ship it. Is it upstream or just a Kubuntu modification?
Christian González G.