Reindl, I bash on a lot of design decision from the KDE and GNOME camps alike, but this wasn't one of them. Xembed had to go, it was a design nightmare. As far as who's fault it is.. I really gotta go with the apps on this one. They had four -years- of warning that the "traditional" xembed way of sys tray icons was going away eventually. If they couldnt find time to port over to Status Notifiers / App Indicators by then that that's their problem / or the project is dead anyway.

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Does anyone know of an app that can implement xembed feature?


This is a major fail for KDE, IMNSHO.

Wrong. It's a major fail for your applications

strange attitude - if *non-kde* apps have problems with the systray and did not before KDE5 it's hardly a failure of the application, it's *again* a incompatible and ignorant regression as it happens every few years so that i even start asking myself "am i right in my mind to use linux desktop"

"fail for your applications" - WTF - the world of application developers don't turn around KDE and broken desktops, i heard the same b**** with the over a year flickering control bar with KDE 4.0 in combination with nvidia cards - the same - it worked befor KDE3->KDE4, so KDE is the problem and not the card and it's the job of a developer to handle it if it has worked before AND NO "it's free" don't justify carelessly while whine every year why linux desktops are a niche and how to change that

if developers like linux desktops no longer be a niche the just need to stop user visible major changes and breaking things which worked and are in use - that's it, no, just don't break the user expierience once per year and you will stop lose existing ones and get new ones which no longer need to fear that their workflow get broken again and again

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