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 > well, ask yourself why you have over many years problem threads on
several fedora mailing lists where you have not been able to say
anything helpful what changed on your system and rely on crystal balls
of others :-)
 > when i have no clue was my systems are doing i am ending in problems
without any context where they could come from

There are logs, you know, for every dnf operation

if things would always be that easy.....

ther is a difference applying an update and know about or get it installed randomly in the background and even not realize what and when which application is using old or new versions

frankly even with be careful it's not always that easy, the reason for my kopete crashes by close message windows or tabs was a kdelibs4 update while a ton of other applications had no issues

P.S: fix your mail-client to aplly proper linewrapping in quotes

I'll try, it's Gmail app on a nexus, thank you. 

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