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>     Rolf Offermanns wrote:
>      > I lost track in the kdepim discussions.
>      > Is is possible to try the akonadi based kmail(2?) or not.
>     Not, kdepim-4.5-beta1 as available now was deemed of unstable/alpha
>     quality
>     by upstream, so we've chosen not to make it available (yet).
>     In a similar vein, in this week's kde-sig meeting, we discussed
>     whether to
>     plan on including kdepim-4.5 or not in f14, and based on some upstream
>     feedback again, am currently leaning toward not.  We plan on
>     re-evaluating
>     this in next week's meeting.
> Is it possible to put those packages in some private repo, from where
> people like me can use them?

If you insist, if something breaks, you get to keep the pieces. :)  I'll
keep these for at least a little while:

Thanks a lot Rex!!! 
You can't imagine how badly I have waited for this, ever since KDE-4.0 was released :). And I not sure how long I have to wait for stable version ;).
Hi Rex,

I am stuck with the dependency problem. I have the KDE PIM running from kde-unstable repository. Can you tell me what packages I need to install?


Thanks a lot again.
-- Rex