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             you don't read the subject "Default browser in Fedora KDE
             which is essential *before* you post to a topic...... the
             part is "KDE Plasma" and that we talk about *KDE* on the *KDE
             mailing list*

        The official name is "Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop Edition", see:

    i don't give a shit on that in a human-to-human communication and
    for sure won't write it in that way - so keep such nitpicker mails
    for yourself

I was not nitpicking, I meant that the important thing in this spin is
that it uses the Plasma desktop, from the KDE project, not the whole KDE
apps and nothing else.

says who?
see second paragraph

Second paragraph says, "top quality apps", didn't specify that they should be KDE apps, also Konqueror is not a top quality browsing app.


Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop comes with many pre-selected top quality applications that suit all modern desktop use cases - from online communication like web browsing, instant messaging and electronic mail correspondence, through multimedia and entertainment, to an advanced productivity suite, including office applications and enterprise grade personal information management.

All KDE applications are well integrated, with a similar look and feel and an easy to use interface, accompanied by an outstanding graphical appearance.

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