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>> Rex Dieter wrote:
>>> See also,
>>> http://www.facebook.com/questions/10150276652411513/?qa_ref=qd
>> It would help if you reproduced that poll's options here, since Facebook is
>> banning us non-Facebook-users from even viewing it…
> fwiw, the options there were essentially as I posed it here
> 1.  stick with empty desktop, no widgets (upstream default)

This is actually what i have all the time. The first thing i do when i
install Fedora is remove any widgets on the desktop.

> 2.  revert back to pre kde-4.7 setup, with folderview widget

I think this is the best option though. It's very easy to remove (one
click) for people who don't want the folderview but it's the least
surprising to new users (both to kde 4.7 and from "the other side").

> 3.  (kevin's favorite. :) ) use folderview *layout*, full screen, aka like kde3 times.

Using the folderview layout doesn't seem to work all that well with
adding other widgets and although i found the option to change the
layout fairly quickly it is not entirely obvious to new users that
they need to change that setting just to make widgets work smoothly.
That might cause quite a bit of confusion since plasma widgets are
advertised as quite a major feature of kde.

As for the whole facebook vs google+ discussion i don't think either
are a particularly great idea. I hate facebook and it's invisible to
anybody without an account. Google+ seems a lot better on both counts
but sadly since it is still invitation only many people still can't
use it properly (myself included).

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand binary
and those who don't...
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Hi, not sure if this discussion is mainly just for the KDE SIG or not but as a KDE user I like folder view and think that for people coming from a Windows or even GNOME 2 desktop would feel more comfortable with that as the default.

As far as the Facebook or Google+ poll goes how about a poll on the Fedora Forum?  Then at the very least you would get feedback from current or perspective Fedora KDE users.

Also thank you very much to the contributors of the KDE SIG.  I have recently become a Fedora user and KDE user and appreciate the work you all do.