On Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 10:35 AM, Sudhir Khanger <ml@sudhirkhanger.com> wrote:
I am really enjoying it so far. I would consider it to be a serious contender
to Chrome if and when I want to move from Google's turf.

Qupzilla is certainly a very good option for Plasma spin.

Just a followup to my other postings... since things can get lost in an e-mail thread:

There is an issue with the current chromium... it doesn't work with Google Music
reported here:  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1361404
Problem does NOT occur in qupzilla - check previous postings or the bug report for more info.  
All other things appear to be ok - but I haven't deep dived since for me that issue alone 
is a showstopper.  It does appear in the current vivaldi stable, but has been fixed in their
latest snapshot code.  I've requested more information, and hopefully it will be added.

Chromium is at ~.82 - whereas Chrome has been updated to ~.116; if something is going
to be the default, it needs to be kept current in a reasonable time frame - in the same manner
we do with Firefox, or qupzilla.  Browsers simply cannot lag behind.  Whomever is the packager of
qupzilla, they definitely seem to stay on top of it.  ;-)

qupzilla worked with Google Music immediately upon install - apparently it picked up pepperflash
from my chrome install - extremely nice touch.  With chromium, you have to manually install.

qupzilla doesn't support all the extensions and plugins that chromium does - but as Kevin mentioned
it has many features built right in... and it is intended to be a lightweight browser.  What really is
the point of installing chromium, then going after all the non-free addons - when you could just
install chrome?  

No, qupzilla isn't perfect... I've been slowly going through all the functions, checking out the built
in extensions... found a weird bug in the login manager concerning passwords (which had already been
found and reported) - but overall, it's fast, looks great and does a decent job of showing what a QtWebEngine
based browser can do.  

I don't see myself as being a regular user of Chromium... yes it's great that it has finally made it into the
repository, and I'm certainly trying to help identify issues during the introductory period - but I'm not going to go
through hoops to install all kinds of addons when I can simply "dnf upgrade chrome". 

When you pick a default, you send a message.  I would think we would want to be encouraging KDE
based technologies as much as possible.  Chrome/Chromium doesn't need any additional marketing.  Having
qupzilla as the default isn't going to stop people from using Chrome - definitely not in my case.  I'm too tied
into it... but I do find myself testing out qupzilla and being impressed with it's features and functionality.

All the above considered, I simply don't understand how the KDE sig could vote for anything other than qupzilla.