I have used Fedora since it started as Fedora core. Gnome on Fedora and Fedora itself is  a major disappointment.  
With Fedora itself, Anaconda would crash during its installation process. This crashing wah due to incomplete testing. Fedora QA needs to do more than confirm that the minimal installation works, but that the items that we can choose to install do not cause Fedora to crash.  By the way,. With Gnome, I cannot install a printer. Is it Gnome's fault or Fedora's? 
I installed KDE,  and it installed flawlessly. I selected Printer installation and it just did it and it works. 

As working with KDE for a while, I am pleased with it and will remain. It just works.

Is Fedora drops KDE support, I will drop Fedora.  At least two other distributions offer both Gnome and KDE.  I can select between them at login time.

On Wed, 5 Dec 2018 at 11:54 AM, Temlakos
<temlakos@gmail.com> wrote:

Today on the Testers e-mail list someone actually said he had heard news that Fedora was going to ditch the KDE spin.

That someone named no source. I immediately searched DuckDuckGo (my preferred search engine) on "Fedora drop KDE" and found no result suggesting anyone at Fedora had made up their minds to do this. But I do see that Red Hat will cease to support KDE on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Has anyone on this list heard any rumors about the Fedora KDE spin going away?


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