> > One other thing that you can try to improve performance is click on:
> >
> > Settings -> Configure Kmail -> Accounts -> (The Account that you are
> > using) -> Modify -> Advanced
> >
> > Make sure that there is a check mark next to "List Only Open Folders"
> Hmm - I've avoided that setting, as I didn't feel sure of what it does.
> For instance, I have 'Open threads that contain new, unread...... threads'.
> If 'List only open folders' means that only these folders are listed,
> copying and moving messages would be a problem.

You should have no problem copying or moving folders.

> However, having re-started kmail, nothing looks any different. Does that
> imply that we are not talking about the display, but how much reading kmail
> does for every transaction?
> > Restart Kontact / Kmail. See if that helps.
> OK. This is the first message to go out under the new setting. I'll see
> what happens over the next few hours.

I'm making the assumption that if kmail wasn't running that everything would be fine. What this setting seems to do is only rescan the folder that is currently open. And this seems to speed things up significantly. At least for me.


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