Some of you might be aware that we are all set to roll out a KDE Netbook spin. Me, Aditya Patawari, and Hiemanshu are working on this as a part of Fedora Summer Coding.
In past few days we have done some splits and have decided to remove a few packages. You can find the list here [1]. If you have any suggestions please use the talk page and tell us.
If you want certain package to go then simply put it on the table for "The Packages To be Removed". If you want to vote against any removal please put your FAS name on the column against it. A complete list of packages for F13 Kde Spin can be found at [2] for reference.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/KDE_Netbook_Spin
[2] http://adimania.fedorapeople.org/f13-kde-packages.txt

Aditya Patawari