2010/8/30 John5342 <john5342@gmail.com>
2010/8/31 Manuel Escudero <Jmlevick@gmail.com>:
> 2010/8/30 John5342 <john5342@gmail.com>
>> 2010/8/31 Manuel Escudero <Jmlevick@gmail.com>:
>> > Maybe because you have a 32 Bits System, there shouldn't have to be a
>> > problem... But I'm running a 64 Bit one
>> You haven't actually so far stated what the problem is you are having
>> with skype. Only that it doesn't work. What i can say is it works fine
>> here on F13 using qt 4.7 on x86_64. I just installed the standard
>> Fedora rpms provided along with the i686 version of qt and the
>> appropriate i686 pulseaudio libs. I forget exactly which one is needed
>> but i have alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i686 and pulseaudio-libs.i686
>> installed currently.
> Yep. It worked fine for me until I upgraded to KDE 4.5 my fedora 13 because
> of the new Qt libraries... I can't install 32 bit Skype's dependencies on my
> Fedora 13 x86_64 KDE 4.5 because the Qt 32 bit libraries that skype needs
> have conflicts with the newer ones, and if I downgrade the Qt Libraries all
> my KDE 4.5 installation gets broken

I am using KDE SC 4.5.0 from kde-testing and qt 4.7 and at least two
of us have already found it works fine. The more you tell us the more
chance there is we can help rather than having to guess the problem.
Have you by any chance used kde-redhat (kde-unstable for instance) in
the past? If so beware it is not multilib'd so you if you update
qt.x86_64 you have to add the related i686 repos so that qt.i686 can
be updated along with it (it also follows that if qt.i686 was not
installed before then you still need to enable the i686 repo so it can
install a matching version of qti686).

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@John5342: How do I add the "new" i686 KDE 4.5 SC repo? I think that's the solution

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