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On Sunday 13 Dec 2015 6:57:33 PM Timothy Murphy wrote:
I must admit I say (through a script) "sudo dnf -y update" almost every day.
Am I really alone on this list?
Life is too short to do otherwise, unless one's life revolves around Fedora.

I will have to say that is a norm for most folks

no it is not and i even go so far to say it's only norm for *careless folks* while i did not met anybody acting that way in real life

We are talking about "normal" users, they might don't even know what packages are, and they should not need to, just like Windows and OS X, you are talking about sysadmins.

Even if you see what's being
updated there is no way tell if something is going to break your system unless
you are following every project on the planet

pure nonsense

i do not need to follow every project on the plant to understand when there are kde packages it *may* break something desktop specific and i can tell you at least 50 packages where i know where they are linked

i do not need to follow every project on the plant to understand than after a openjdk upodate it's a good idea to restart eclipse, the better even stop it before

and *don't* come up now with "normal folks" - it took less than two months after switching from Windows XP to Fedora to start understanding how packages are interact with each other

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