It should not matter which ISO you are using, at least not for desktop environment, unless the KDE spin is doing something crazy at the low levels of the stack. Using the Gnome instructions should work fine, but if you copy-paste said instructions then we can sanity-check them.


On Dec 22, 2015 08:53, "Timothy Murphy" <> wrote:
I see that RedHat recommend in
that one should create a CentOS LiveKDE USB stick under Windows
using the Linus Live USB Creator app.

I've been using Fedora LiveUSB Creator on a Fedora laptop.
I'm wondering if there is any CentOS app for this?
I know I can do it directly with dd,
but I'd like to add some persistent storage, if that is possible.

Incidentally, all the information I have seen on CentOS USB sticks
assume one is running GNOME.
Is there any specific KDE documentation on this?

Timothy Murphy
gayleard /at/
School of Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublin

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