2010/9/5 Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler@chello.at>
Manuel Escudero wrote:
> Does this mean we're not having Skype in Fedora 14 KDE Spin as it's going
> to be based on KDE 4.5?

No. It was a screwed up setup on your end, as the replies have evidenced.

And FWIW, the version of kdelibs (4.5.x) is irrelevant for Skype (and the
rest of the KDE stuff even more so), only Qt matters. Skype does not use any
KDE libraries.

> Many users need skype (in my case I'm running it in a Windows 7 VM) But
> without it we can't offer reliable "Videocalls" as they're not implemented
> in IM Clients Linux have.

Nonsense. Ekiga and several other applications support video calls just
fine, cross-platform and using the standard SIP protocol.

> And please do not start with fanaticism about opensource, as I said in
> ambassadors mailing list:

What you call "fanaticism about opensource" is one of Fedora's core
principles. If you don't believe in it, you should really reconsider being
an Ambassador for Fedora!

> Well, I know about the free alternatives, what I'm discussing here is that
> many users USE SKYPE. We have free software but we can't tell those users

Sure you can. Skype accounts are free, only communication from/to phones is
charged for, so they wouldn't even lose money.

You can also tell them to run a second VoIP app using the standard SIP
protocol in parallel (i.e. keeping Skype too), there's nothing which stops
them from doing that either.

> We, as ambassadors, are supposed to help the user and this is an issue
> that is going to affect many skype users in fedora 14 KDE unless someone
> finds a solution.

This is already solved, but if it weren't, we wouldn't care. We do not
support proprietary software, never have, never will. If it works, good for
you, if it breaks, you get to keep the pieces.

> Yes, we have free software, but tell me: Any of our free software supports
> skype's protocol? The answer is NO.

That's exactly why using Skype is so harmful, not only do you force yourself
into using proprietary software, but the other end as well!

> and by "demonizing" skype's use you're commiting fanaticism...

I call it "believing in the value of freedom".

> If GNU/LINUX and OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE is what matters to you, change to
> UTUTO or GNEWSENSE as Fedora isn't considered COMPLETELY OPEN SOURCE by
> the Gnu Foundation.

Fedora considers itself to be 100% Free. There is a known disagreement with
the FSF over the issue of firmware, but as Skype is definitely NOT firmware,
this is irrelevant.

Fedora believes strongly in freedom, it's one of our core objectives. If
this isn't what matters to you, change to some distribution which doesn't
care, e.g. Linux Mint.

       Kevin Kofler

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