Thanks.. I have not tried another user but I will tonight for grins.
I'll try you send command to.. even thoughi dont really care for breeze anymore.  
If You Google there are plenty of instances where icons disappear stop it strikes me as odd that more havent commented...

On Oct 14, 2017 10:41 AM, "Colin J Thomson" <> wrote:
On Thursday, 12 October 2017 03:50:38 BST InvalidPath wrote:
> So immediately after upgrading to F26 from 25 a couple months ago I noticed
> that all icons on my system except for customs were gone. At the time I was
> using Breeze Dark..
> I searched and searched back then all to no avail. If I open the properties
> of say Desktop and go to change the icon every choice is blank.
> Now whats odd is that I can open up Icon Theme and change it to say..
> Papirus-Adapta-Nokto and reopen Dolphin and all icons are present. I have
> all icons in the Panel menus too. However if I close Dolphin and reopen I
> am back to having none.  I've tried many.. MANY themes and all behave like
> this.
> Below is what happens when I open Dolphin via Konsole:

I don't have good suggestions for you, but out of interest have you tested
with a new user account ?
I have a couple of "clean" user accounts to test with when I ever run into an

Does "dnf list --disablerepo=* | grep breeze"
show something missing, doubtful as you wrote it works sometimes, but worth a
look maybe.

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