On Aug 7, 2015 15:23, "Gerald B. Cox" <gbcox@bzb.us> wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 7, 2015 at 12:05 PM, Ian Malone <ibmalone@gmail.com> wrote:
>> To be perfectly honest, I use KDE, but not the KDE spin, so I don't
>> care what's chosen as the default there. But I don't think Konqueror
>> gives new users the best experience.
> This all reminds me of that great quote from the Simpsons:  "Think of the children"...
> There is more to decisions than "end-user" experience.  If that were the case, we'd 
> be shipping adobe flash or for that matter Chromium.  
That's a separate debate in and of itself...

Personally I believe that pre-put-together (not Arch, not Gentoo, not LFS) distros exist solely for end user experience.. Otherwise why bother? Truly, if the end user experience does not matter in decision-making then what do we (Fedora as a whole) offer over Arch or Gentoo or LFS?

It's not an extra emphasis on stability (RHEL or Debian), It's not user friendliness (Mint), It's not commercial vision (Ubuntu), its not even being up to date (Tumbleweed, Arch) soooo... What is it? What's our niche? What's our goal? Test bed for RHEL? Okay, but the community message is adamant that Fedora is not -just- a test bed for RHEL.

Personally use Fedora because I prefer yum & dnf over pacman, I like SELinux, and I like the fact that wine is based off of wine-staging. If it weren't for those three things then I'd run Arch.

I've used Fedora for years. I'm constantly hopping back and forth between it and Arch for my Linux distros. Hell, I even want to begin contributing in more direct and quantifiable ways... But even with that, I honestly am not sure what niche Fedora serves right now.

Now just to clarify: This message isn't a "screw Fedora" message. This isn't a "the apocalypse is now" message. This is a genuine question. What is Fedora's niche? How much do we value end user experience? And what are we as a project aiming for?

We can talk all day and night about Free Software Ideals but we all know that the majority of our users do not care, at all. They want to play DVD's and listen to music and watch videos. The end user experience is their top priority.

I understand that Fedora can't ship mp3 playback or libdvdcss because of US laws-- perfectly fine, no problem. The laws are the laws, even if they suck. But what about the things we CAN change for the sake of user experience? Where does the line get drawn and why is it drawn where it is?

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