I gave up on Kmail for now and migrated to Thunderbird.  Random crashes once in a while, disappearing e-mails until the local cache catches up with the server.  Sometimes  messages will downloaded up to three times for one e-mail with no attachemnts. Since October, Kmail has just given me fits in Fedora 8 and even in the upgrade to Fedora 10 has showed no improvement.  IMAP in kmail has issues for sure, I just recently search for open kmail bugs relating to IMAP in kmail back to 1.9 and the count was about 160.  I am talking to an exchange server and have to use SSL so a trace was not possible, every morning I'd come in to work it would take kmail up to 30 minutes to get sync'd up.  Also, attachments would get corrupt somehow and would have to go over to thunderbird to open them.  I'm thinking the slowness of the IMAP connection possibly could have been related to my filters on the body of messages(this would require the client to open all the messages on the server to parse which would take a heck of a while on a Inbox with 3,000+ messages) which thunderbird does not support but it I already migrated everything over so now I just double filter.  Sometimes I wish there was less choice in the Linux camp but that is also the beauty of open source also.... Guess we can't always have the cake and eat it too.

Maybe I'll fire kmail back up over the summer to test the waters again but for now Thunderbird is working just fine.

my 2 cents.  - Bob

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 1:47 PM, Zoltan Ligeti <zligeti@gmail.com> wrote:
after upgrading from kde 4.2beta to kde4.2rc1 yesterday (under fedora 10),
kmail started to crash with signal 11 after opening the main window, while
trying to access my mail from an imap server.  this was not a problem with
the 4.2beta version.

has this been seen by others?  any suggestions to fix this?

thanks,  zoltan
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