On 16/10/21 22:15, Geraldo Simião Kutz wrote:
So, by that thought, if a bug meet the blocking criteria but have not been caught in the previous release by a mistake of the team (as no one pointed before as blocker bug) that bug can no more be blocker? 

That's my opinion. If the bug is already present in a previous release why it should block the next? If no one had never reported or even noticed the bug in the previous version I doubt it should be considered a blocker.

In this specific case, I used to have a bare metal machine which had been updated during years between Fedora releases. I was using F34 on that old machine and I never noticed neither the plasma-discover or the KScreenLocker bugs. I then upgraded my PC, installed F34 from clean and started noticing those bugs. I can live with them during my everyday workstation usage, certainly they're annoying (especially the KScreenLocker bug, the plasma-discover bug has disappeared after some upgrades), but that wouldn't prevent me from upgrading to F35.

I must also add that, searching in the web about those bugs, I can found users hitting them long time ago. But KDE never fixed them. I also tried to upgrade KScreenLocker to the next available version (available only in F36) and only partially fix the problem. So, if we had to wait for KDE to fix those bugs, we are going to delay F35 release for a long time...