On 16 September 2016 at 15:01, Timothy Murphy <gayleard@eircom.net> wrote:
After I updated my Fedora-24/KDE laptop this morning
I found that clicking on icons in the panel
which represent applications I have created
no longer has any effect.

More precisely, I created an application called "helen login"
(many months, if not years, ago)
by right-clicking on Application Launcher=>Edit Applications,
and which simply runs the script "ssh -Y helen-vpn"
with the "Run in Terminal" option clicked.
Then I added the item (with icon) to the panel.

This has been working as I said for many months,
but has ceased to work after todays update
(even after re-booting).
The script itself works as it always did,
when directly entered.

I know there are easy alternative ways to reach the same goal,
but I would be interested to know why this change has occurred.

Incidentally, I also tried clicking on "Add as launcher".
This created a small icon in the panel,
but clicking on that had no effect either.
I saw this message in the journal:
"klauncher[1438]: -miniicon isn't supported anymore (service "helen" )"
which is probably relevant.

I think the latest konsole is broken. The help says

"  -e <cmd>                   Command to execute. This option will catch all
                             following arguments, so use it as the last option."

But in practise this is no longer  true:

% konsole -e ssh -Y localhost
Unknown option 'Y'.
This broke my remote login script and I guess it also broke the "Run in Terminal" option.  This is konsole 16.08.1.