So, by that thought, if a bug meet the blocking criteria but have not been caught in the previous release by a mistake of the team (as no one pointed before as blocker bug) that bug can no more be blocker? 

Em sáb, 16 de out de 2021 05:27, Mattia Verga <> escreveu:
On 15/10/21 20:22, Adam Williamson wrote:
> On Fri, 2021-10-15 at 14:04 -0400, Ben Cotton wrote:
>> Many fewer blockers than last week. Hooray! Go/No-Go for target date
>> #1 is Thursday.
>> Action summary
>> ====================
>> Accepted blockers
>> -----------------
>> 3. plasma-discover — Discover shows a misleading state of Flatpak
>> repos, can't delete disabled repos — NEW
>> ACTION: Maintainers to fix issue
>> 4. plasma-discover — Discover doesn't seem to find any RPM packages,
>> neither locally installed nor in RPM repos — NEW
>> ACTION: Maintainers to fix issue
>> 5. plasma-discover — Toggling repo in Discover doesn't redraw the
>> checkbox, confusing users — NEW
>> ACTION: Maintainers to fix issue
> So I'm pretty worried about these. I've spent the last two days trying
> to fix 3 and 5 myself, but I'm just not a Qt C++ developer so it's
> pretty tough sledding. I basically understand the problems in both
> cases, but fixing them is more work. I have put detailed notes in the
> upstream bug reports, and I'm happy to compare notes with anyone who
> wants to try and help:
> #4 is odd as it seems to behave differently for different people at
> different times; we haven't figured out the condition that causes the
> 'bad' state yet.
> Nobody else appears to be trying to help. I'm not confident we are
> going to have these fixed in time.
> --
> Adam Williamson

IMO, those bugs should have never been approved as Release Blockers.
They are bugs that are already present in previous releases (F34 for
sure) and, while it would be nice to have them fixed sooner or later,
they should not block F35.


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