The robustness principle was fine for xembed. This isn't xembed. Xembed could -not- exist going forward, it wouldn't even -usable- on future systems considering the icons for xembed are hardcoded to be 22x22 pixels. 22x22 pixels looks like trash on my 1080p monitor, I don't want to think about what it would look like on a 4K monitor in the future. Better to just rip the bandaid off now when 4K is still gaining traction so that by the time it comes around we are hiDPI ready across the board. For KDE specifically trying to do an Xembed systray on a Wayland desktop via XWayland is, by Martin Graesslin's own words, "not the most trivial task."

I get that annoyance and inconvenience of your app breaking on Gnome 3 and KDE 4 systems, I have a few that broke too. But I was also there 4  years ago when Ubuntu and Gnome said "We're bin'ing Xembed at some point in the future. Move to Status Notifiers or AppIndicators or be left behind. Pidgin, Audacious, DavMail, etc all had plenty of warning it was coming.

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Am 24.07.2015 um 12:40 schrieb Patrick O'Callaghan:

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    > This is a major fail for KDE, IMNSHO.

    Wrong. It's a major fail for your applications.

How do you justify that remark? Is every "failing" app violating some
standard? Even if they are, what happened to Robustness Principle:

it's gone

we are in the age where everybody thinks that he must re-invent himself each and every day and as soon as things are working properly throw the stability away and start from scratch to make "all better"

when things are better (again) go back to "start from scratch"

all that hypocritical "we fixed this and optimized that" don't tell that it already worked fine in the past by hoping people forget or new users really buy that "wow this got better" because they don't know that it is the third iteration of fix/optimize/break/rewrite

that may be nice for a developer but it's pure crap for users actually try to do their stuff with computers and not interested seek all the time how to get known behavior back or often wait months to get things back to work which where not ready but replaced

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