Try running systemsettings (or any crashing app) like this:

   LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ systemsettings


2011/11/30 Sonic <>
On 11/30/2011 11:16 AM, Eli Wapniarski wrote:
> I had the same problem.
> Try to see if you can configure System Settings>  Multimedia>  Phonon.

Really? This can be fixed by changing the phonon backend?

> If you can prioritize the gstreamer backend instead of the vlc backend, I'll
> bet the crashes will disappear. If it crashes then you will need to edit the
> file:
> /home/eli/.kde/share/config/servicetype_profilerc

The 'phonon' entry in 'Multimedia' crashed. I then created this file as
it wasn't there already.

> It should look something like
> [PhononBackend]
> Entry0_Preference=3
> Entry0_Service=phononbackends/gstreamer.desktop
> Entry1_Preference=2
> Entry1_Service=phononbackends/vlc.desktop
> Entry2_Preference=1
> Entry2_Service=phononbackends/xine.desktop
> NumberOfEntries=3

I copied the above text and pasted in the file. Did a reboot and nothing
seems to have changed. Everything that crashed before still does!



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