On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 3:57 AM, Timothy Murphy <gayleard@eircom.net> wrote:
That is completely untrue.
You wrote the sentence I quoted ("and then of course ...")
ending with the URL above.
I looked up the URL, and I quoted the first sentence in it.

How am I taking your quote "out of context"?
The only context was the sentence that you wrote.

Evidently the author of the article you referenced
believes (wrongly?) that Firefox is the default Fedora web browser.
I simply pointed out that this was rather an odd authority to take
in support of your thesis that Firefox is not, and never should be,
the default KDE browser.

I recommend you re-read the original reply I made to Matt... 
and while your doing that, search for where I stated "Firefox is not, and never should 
be, the default KDE browser."  Spoiler alert, that was stated by Kevin, not by me.