Il 07/08/2016 14:35, Rex Dieter ha scritto:
In my prior post, I included chromium in the list of browser candidates.  If 
you're not familiar with it, it is essentially a free version of google 
chrome that recently made it's way into fedora package repositories.

Advantages and features include:
* based on same rendering engine as qtwebengine (that qupzilla uses)
* has active, well-supported upstream
* some kde integration: kde file dialogs, kwallet for secrets
* supports most chrome addons/extensions

Disadvantages include:
* pretty new to fedora (only a few weeks)
* packaging/buildsystem is... messy and fragile (not unique here, 
qtwebengine suffers similarly but less so)
* not 100% native (like qupzilla)

-- Rex
kde mailing list
I think many people are casting here their personal preferences instead of focusing on what should be the real point: what's the browser between Firefox, Chromium and Qupzilla that really integrates in KDE and requires the less dependencies being installed over a clean KDE spin installation?

I think the right choice between them must not force the installation of other requirements but the main QT / KF5 components. Personal considerations about missing functions should not be thrown in the discussion: if someone prefer one browser to another can easily install it over the main installation.

Trying to install Qupzilla and Chromium on my workstation (which is *not* a clean KDE installation and I already have Firefox installed, so probably I already have many GTK stuff installed that is required by Chromium), gives me:

# dnf install chromium
Ultima verifica della scadenza dei metadati: 0:00:54 fa il Wed Aug 10 17:55:35 2016.
Dipendenze risolte.
 Package                Arch        Versione                 Repository    Dim.
Installazione in corso:
 chromium               x86_64      52.0.2743.82-9.fc24      updates       37 M
 chromium-libs          x86_64      52.0.2743.82-9.fc24      updates       38 M
 libcanberra-gtk2       x86_64      0.30-11.fc24             fedora        30 k
 re2                    x86_64      20160401-2.fc24          fedora       174 k
 u2f-hidraw-policy      x86_64      1.0.2-2.fc24             fedora        22 k
Riepilogo della transazione
Installati  5 pacchetti
Dimensione totale dello scaricamento: 76 M
Dimensione installata: 269 M

# dnf install qupzilla
Ultima verifica della scadenza dei metadati: 0:02:07 fa il Wed Aug 10 17:55:35 2016.
Dipendenze risolte.
 Package                 Arch   Versione                          Repository
Installazione in corso:
 protobuf                x86_64 2.6.1-4.fc24                      fedora  356 k
 qt5-qtwebengine         x86_64 5.6.1-3.fc24                      updates  28 M
 qtlockedfile-qt5        x86_64 2.4-21.20150629git5a07df5.fc24    fedora   35 k
 qtsingleapplication-qt5 x86_64 2.6.1-28.fc24                     fedora   43 k
 qupzilla                x86_64 2.0.1-1.fc24                      updates 2.5 M
 re2                     x86_64 20160401-2.fc24                   fedora  174 k

Riepilogo della transazione
Installati  6 pacchetti

Dimensione totale dello scaricamento: 31 M
Dimensione installata: 105 M

Given these outputs I vote for Qupzilla because it does not require GTK stuff and it weights less than a half compared to Chromium (I'm thinking to live images).