On Sunday, March 30, 2014 10:28:18 A Ed Greshko wrote:

> On 03/30/14 10:20, c. marlow wrote:

> > When it comes to upgrading Fedora, is it kinda like the ubuntu way ( in

> > place) or do I have to reformat everytime that a new version comes out>?

> The "Fedora" way is to use the "fedup" (unfortunate acronym). Basically

> this downloads all upgrades, does all the needful things, and then

> completes the upgrade on the next reboot. From the man page....



> fedup is the Fedora Upgrade tool.


> The fedup client runs on the system to be upgraded. It determines

> what packages are needed for upgrade and gathers them from the source(s)

> given. It also fetches and sets up the boot images needed to run the

> upgrade and sets up the system to perform the upgrade at next boot.


> The actual upgrade takes place when the system is rebooted, using the

> boot images set up by fedup. The upgrade initrd starts the existing system

> (mostly) as normal, lets it mount all the local filesystems, then starts

> the upgrade.


> When the upgrade finishes, it reboots the system into the

> newly-upgraded OS.



That is funny ED, its name FEDUP... So I guess in KDE, would that still be MUON? or is that a Kubuntu thing? Thats what i run now to get updates to packages, and Kernel here in Kubuntu 12.04 ?