Have had multiple issues with my mail since the move to 47 but most have been resolved. The conversion of my mail database was the thorniest and I ended up having to manually move the old mail into the new Kmail Folder structure - half the mail got migrated, and the rest remained in the old Local Folders structure. Also, two of the folders never worked correctly, and trying to access messages in them just produced an endless spinning hourglass - I had to end up by deleting those two folders and then re-create them. All the rest of my mail in the old Local Folders had to moved manually, one folder at a time, to the new Kmail Folders structure. Accessing mail in each folder began as a very tedious process with long periods of spinning hourglasses and no mail being displayed, then, the messages would eventually appear... Now, that seems to have largely cleared up, though moving from folder to folder has become much more sluggish than it was previously - I can live with that for now - hopefully, this performance will continue to improve.


BUT, one pain-in-the-neck issue remains - whenever new mail is downloaded, the spam filter doesn't work - messages that are clearly marked as spam by Spambayes are left in the inbox instead of being moved to my Probable Spam folder - then, it gets real strange; if I close KMail and then reopen it, all those new messages in the inbox are acted upon and the relevant spam marked messages get moved into the right Probable spam folder... It's very strange - right now, I come to my computer in the morning and find 100 or so new messages in the inbox and I'm left with the choice of closing KMail and reopening it to get the spam filter to act on those new messages, most of which go to the spam folder, or, of highlighting all those new messages and pressing Ctl-j which is the manual way of running the junk filter on those messages - both methods work, but are rather tedious -I have no idea where I would file a bug on this - searching Bugzilla, I didn't get any useful hits on "KMail Spambayes" or "KMail spam"....




Claude Jones

Brunswick, MD, USA