I'm not sure if this is a Samba client issue, or an issue in Dolphin, so I'm posting to the KDE and General users lists.  Is anyone else connecting to a Windows share and not being able to write to it from Dolphin?  

I've got a handful of Windows servers that I regularly download items to my Fedora laptop and copy over via Dolphin.  Up until the F24 upgrade that is.  Originally I thought it was just a bug that would be addressed shortly after F24 was released.  Now, though, I can still connect to the shares, but I cannot copy/paste to them.  None of them.  Is there something simple I'm missing?

FYI, it's not a permissions issue as I can login to those shares from a Win10 VM I have on my laptop and write to those same shares without trouble.  The Windows servers, other than being patched are the same versions (ie no upgrades recently), so I'm at a loss as to the problem.

Dolphin version:  


Samba version:



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