I managed to customize RHEL 6.5 (32-bit) DVD with KDE 4.11 RPMs (thanks to Rex Dieter et al).

After installation, for the first login, I selected KDE. But then there's no way I can configure my network interface. There's no icon on the systray nor is there any GUI tool in the kickoff/KRunner menu.

Then I logged out and logged in as *root* with GNOME and sure enough the systray icon is there using which I can set a static IP to the network interface.

I tried GNOME with my ordinary username and the tray icon is there and it works. Now I logout and login using KDE and voila, the icon is there in the systray.

So the question is, is it not possible to setup networking from KDE without logging in to GNOME first? I vaguely remember seeing the same behaviour with some older Fedora version. Or am I missing some package that makes this work on KDE?

Thanks and regards,