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Sérgio Basto wrote:

Hello , I give up of kde4 desktop project because I have too much work and because I couldn't found a problem of performance. After upgrade to F26 , 2 months ago , I see the issues remains more or less the same . Today with my laptop with only 7 days of uptime , I suspend and wake it, 2 or 3 times a day . I see plasmashell consuming 1.3 Gb of residual memory [1] . How I clear it without reboot laptop ?
Not sure how you're measuring memory usage, but for comparison, mine's using 207MB (according to ksysguard) after 2 days uptime. To restart plasmashell without logout, run these 2 commands in a konsole or krunner: kquitapp5 plasmashell plasmashell

It works thanks.
yes, I sent a copy of ksysguard -> process table -> right click -> detailed memory information
and now plasmashell just consume 89 600 K 
BTW, running plasmashell in konsole I see lots of warnings , should I report it ?

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