On Mon April 6 2009 2:49:20 pm Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Claude Jones wrote:
> > I just ran the following, and look at what came up - could
> > this be right?
> kdepimlibs != kdepim-libs
> kdepim-libs contains the libraries which are part of kdepim,
> not kdepimlibs. Either because they're internal to kdepim apps
> or because of licensing (there are GPL libraries in
> kdepim-libs, which are not allowed in kdelibs or kdepimlibs,
> everything in the library modules must be LGPL or BSD).

Thanks, but I guess I need to ask a better question. Do I need both of those on my system, which if I understand you correctly, I do, and if so, is there a reason they are different version numbers?

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA