Its likely a video driver issue

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From: Felix Miata <>
Date:02/13/2015 2:42 AM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Re: F22 black screen instead of KDM/KDE

Felix Miata composed on 2015-02-12 15:26 (UTC-0500):

> Anyone else still using KDM? Now instead of black screen on X exit[1], I get
> only a black screen always, and same thing without KDM running, using startx
> instead. This is a Socket A system with NV11 gfxchip using nouveau X driver.
> KDM/KDE in Cauldron and Tumbleweed work on this host kt880.


> [1]

Same problem with Matrox G400. I forgot to mention last time a popup reports
plasmashell aborted.
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