On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 21:48, Alexander Volovics <a.volovic@upcmail.nl> wrote:
I installed the 32 bit 'flash-plugin' rpm from the adobe repository
in Fed15/KDE x86_64 just like I always do under Fed/Gnome x86_64
(and have also done in Fed15/Gnome3) using yum.

The flash-plugin itself works OK but something did not quite go
right with the install.

You should get an Adobe Flash Player icon somewhere so that you
can start 'usr/bin/flash-player-properties' to configure the
use of the plugin.

I found the icon in 'System Settings' in a rather strange category
"Lost and Found". Clicking on the icon produces an error message:
  Could not find plugin 'Adobe Flash Player' for application
  'systemsettings' Library "kcm_adobe_flash_player" not found

'rpm -ql flash=plugin' shows '/usr/lib/kde4/kcm_adobe_flash_player.so'

What is happening here? An install gone wrong somewhere?

No it seems Adobe are making an attempt at KDE integration but they haven't set up the desktop files correctly. I don't know exactly how they are laid out but i imagine the X-KDE-System-Settings-Parent-Category in /usr/share/kde4/services/kcm_adobe_flash_player.desktop is unknown which is why it is appearing in Lost and Found. Most of the other categories in other kcmcontrol modules seem to have a specific file to describe the category (see the settings-*.desktop files in the same directory). Either way this seems to be a problem with Adobe's upstream proprietry rpms so you are best reporting it there since Fedora can't do anything about them.

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