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Fedora 14α not compositing
by Petrus de Calguarium
9 years
assigning a key sequence (not key combination)
by Dj YB
9 years
No 'thunderstorm-icon' in kde-plasma-yawp?
by Martin Kho
9 years
Klipper bug
by Patrick Boutilier
9 years
power-off menu configuration?
by Richard Z
9 years
kmix is gone after upgrading to KDE 4.5.
by linux guy
9 years
4.5sc released, now what?
by Neal Becker
9 years
Call for testers: choqok
by Sven Lankes
9 years
KMail/KAddressBook and mailing lists
by Timothy Murphy
9 years
konsole session sort doesn't work.
by Gilboa Davara
9 years
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