I send again the following post. I can't believe not to get an opinion :)



On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 11:37 PM, Andrea Musuruane <musuruan@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,
    last April the following bug report was opened:

As I stated on bugzilla, metadata-extractor was just needed by JOSM.
Updating metadata-extractor would break JOSM. Anyway I suggested to
patch JOSM to use a newer version of metadata-extractor if he really
needed it. I had no response at all.

BTW, I am metadata-extractor maintainer, and not JOSM maintainer.

This evening the submitter emailed me privately and I discovered that
meanwhile, a new review request for a newer version of
metadata-extractor was approved and now it is part of Fedora:

As I understand now, newer metadata-extractor is required by Apache
Sorl and Apache Tika, which are not yet part of Fedora.

He asked me to "exchange our repository" "to simplify some build with
maven". And with that I presume that he would like to have his package
called metadata-extractor because he has troubles to build sorl and

I think all this have been handled very badly. He could have told why
he needed a more recent version of metadata-extractor in the first
place, the reviewer of #1004563 could have checked if the package
followed the naming guidelines and/or have checked if the package was
already in Fedora.

I still think that my original plan (i.e. patching JOSM). was more sensible.

What to do now? What do you think?

If it helps, if it makes things easier, I can release the ownership of
metadata-extractor and someone else can have good care. I just
packaged it because, as an openstreetmap mapper, I longed to have JOSM
in Fedora.