Well, Sun _knows_ why the Sun JRE/DK doesn't get included in most distros: because the Sun redistribution license explicity requires the distributor to accept liability for damage, etc caused by the runtime. This is pretty much incompatible with the "no warranty whatsoever" set. They are working to change the license with Mustang to make it more compatible with Linux distros.

I will refrain from commenting on the Mono situation. :P

On 1/30/06, Joe Desbonnet <jdesbonnet@gmail.com > wrote:
BTW: slightly off-topic --  I'm wondering why the objections to Mono
being included in the core suddenly went away. I'm on the fedora-devel
list also, but saw no significant discussion on this prior to the
story on slashdot some time ago.

Does this represent some change in policy by Redhat/Fedora? And if so
could this facilitate the inclusion of the Sun VM in the core?


On 1/30/06, Anthony Green <green@redhat.com> wrote:

> Fedora Core does not include "Java(tm)", but it does include a tools
> suite and execution environment based on Free Software technologies
> that is capable of building and running many useful programs written
> in the Java programming language, including the Eclipse IDE, Tomcat,
> and OpenOffice.org.

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