Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out when it is okay to use a custom depmap file. I have a package that currently uses one, but it doesn't seem to be a good solution. I included the depmap file in order to map certain artifact ids to the proper jar files, and also to exclude a couple optional dependencies. The problem is that when someone else tries to use this java package they will not be able to build against it. The build will use the package's pom file in /usr/share/maven-poms along with dependency mappings from /usr/share/maven-fragments, but does not have access to the custom depmap that was used when originally building the package.

Should I not use a custom depmap in this case? Is there some way to include the mappings from my custom depmap into the package?

At this point I think I may need to edit the pom file directly instead of using a depmap. Is that the best solution?

The specific package I'm working on is jbosscache-core if you're interested in taking a peek!