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That's awesome page Dan!

We were really missing someone with marketing skills. I really like where you're heading too.

Thanks! I think this is a good fit for me given my background evangelizing and hacking on both Linux and Java. As time permits I'll get involved in a few more of the packages as well.

Btw, one of the visions that I don't mention explicitly in the brief is that several of the core JBoss developers have discussed over the years the idea of being able to provide a "contributor toolkit" in the form of a spin, a remix or hosted vm image. It often takes awhile to get new contributors spun up, and it would be awesome just to give them

a) something that gets them started quickly
b) something that reinforces the OSS culture

That's one of the reasons I've been so excited about the Fedora Java Spin.

I think (b) is just as important as (a), because Java developers aren't by default OSS or Linux advocates. That's just more opportunity for Fedora Java to make an impact.

Of course, I'm well aware that Fedora Java is much broader than the concerns of JBoss middleware, and the key is to touch as much of the JVM ecosystem as possible. That includes desktop technologies like Java-based applications as well as frameworks like Griffon.



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