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Il giorno mar, 28/08/2012 alle 00.36 -0400, Dan Allen ha scritto:
> Fedora Java enthusiasts,
> I'm working on a page that presents the goal that many of us share to
> make Fedora the preferred environment of choice for Java and JVM
> platform developers. The page explains why Fedora Java is important
> both to the distribution (so that these packages get highlighted in
> the announcements and other marketing) and to the developers.
> If you're interested in seeing Fedora get adopted by more Java and JVM
> platform developers, read over the draft and let me know what you
> think. I'm definitely interested to discover if it's inaccurate or
> misleading in anyway. I'm also interested to here what *your* vision
> is for Fedora Java. (If it's different than the vision I outlined,
> that's *okay*).
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Java/Fedora_Java_Marketing_Brief
> The more Java developers we have using Fedora, the more participation
> we'll likely see in the Java SIG.
> -Dan
> p.s. If you have any other Java-related features you'd like to see
> highlighted in Fedora 18, please let us know!

Hi Dan,


Please, also add Thermostat:


Ping me if you want to know more about that.

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I left out thermostat! I've been telling folks about Thermostat whenever I'm discussing Fedora Java. I'll definitely include it in the brief. Thanks for calling my attention to it Mario.


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