My irc: is munjeli, I popped in tonight. I've read about the infrastructure group and am interested in contributing.

Interested In: advanced network configuration. security features, authentication systems. And I saw you have an elections app? 

I have a computer science degree (Evergreen State College in Washington state, 2013), with undergraduate research in electronic democracy. I work for a Seattle area innovation consultancy as a DevOps engineer. I've been in the field for almost three years. I don't have any relevant certifications, although I am certified for aws. I spent a couple of years in IT before going back to school for my CS degree, and I worked my way through college doing webdev and database administration/etl. Mostly I do cloud stuffs. I've been writing Ruby, but I can do some Bash. I'm open to Python obviously, and wouldn't mind tinkering in some C if there's a call. I took three semesters of assembly, but I'd rather not. 

Currently I'm working with packer, terraform, and chef zero building a toy cloud for infrastructure development and exploratory testing. I'm the only DevOps person at this consultancy, they're just starting a practice. I support a small team  (4 engineers) building prototype applications for healthcare and finance. I build immutable infrastructure, 12factorish, on AWS.

Previously I worked in a sprawling infrastructure at Socrata; it was thousands of servers, I guess, in a datacenter, Azure, and AWS. My job there was firefighting and building AMIs with Packer. I implemented security features (NIDS and host integrity monitoring). We had a containerized part of the arch, too, Docker running on Mesos with Marathon. There was a lot of custom code; I wrote a utility for backing up volumes on AWS with chronos, a dockerized job.

I don't have a very good open source record, although I do have a project around building an event cloud for civic engagement. That's pretty much the same tech I work with at my job, but I'm using fedora and will support some other os. I personally went to fedora for my own machine last year and have really enjoyed it. It's a good development environment for infrastructure compared to ubuntu, says I, and I was interested in working upstream of RedHat because of my interest in government infrastructure.

Personal Info: I live on an island in Puget Sound and split my week between onsite and telecommuting. I live with the most beautiful cat in the world, Shirley. 

Let me know next steps, and I'll tune in to the meeting next Thursday. Hit me up with any questions about my skills or whatever you might find useful.

Ele Munjeli