Hi all,

I would like to apply the following patch to solve https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8147.

We start to quite often have build failing in OpenShift because the nodes are lacking of disk space. This patch creates a cron job that runs every weeks (on Monday) and deletes docker "dangling" images.
A dangling image for docker is an image that is not used or as not been used by a container.

+1s ?

diff --git a/playbooks/groups/os-cluster.yml b/playbooks/groups/os-cluster.yml
index 4b56286dc..52a4e2635 100644
@@ -248,3 +248,18 @@
     - name: Enable wildcard routes
       command: oc -n default set env dc/router ROUTER_ALLOW_WILDCARD_ROUTES=true
       changed_when: false
+- name: Add a cleanup cron job to the nodes
+  hosts: os_nodes_stg:os_nodes
+  tags:
+    - os-node-cleanup
+  tasks:
+  - name: Ensure a job that runs every Mondays to clean old docker images from the nodes.
+    cron:
+      name: "remove docker dangling images"
+      weekday: 1 #Monday
+      minute: "0"
+      hour: "0"
+      job: "docker rmi $(docker images --filter dangling=true -q)"
+      sate: present