On Wed, 13 Nov 2019 at 23:43, Kevin Fenzi <kevin@scrye.com> wrote:
Greetings everyone.

On 2019-11-26 fedora 29 will go end of life and no longer supported.

We still have a number of things that are f29 (or older for various
reasons). I'd like everyone to look this over and see if you can't move
things to f31 (or at least f30) before the f29 eol.

builders: I am working on this, builders right now are mostly f29, but
should be all moved before the eol date I hope.

openshift apps:

modernpaste: fedora-27. :) But I don't think it was ever moved to
openshift, so we should delete this.

joystick: we should fix this up, I think jdoss was going to take it

the-new-hotness: can we move to f31?

qa-stg01.qa.fedoraproject.org: f24? can we retire?

autocloud*: f27, but should die when f29 goes eol (it's only used to
test atomic-host).

mdadpi: f27, but it moved to openshift, can we clean up the non
openshift instances and files please?

modernpaste: f27. It goes eol soon, so I guess we just wait

notifs-backend: f27. I don't know what to do here. We need a
replacement, which we don't have. I'm afraid that upgrading will blow it
up, but I guess we could try and rollback?

qa-prod01: f27. can we retire?

ci-cc-rdu01: f28. Can we retire soon?

copr-frontend01/02.stg: f28 and I don't think we need them anymore, can
I nuke them?

db-qa03: f28. Can we upgrade please?

osbs: f28, but I think cverna was moving it to newer? any status?

I have a cluster in staging on rhel7, so it mostly seems to be working correctly. I still need to do a bit more testing but I think this will be moving with the work needed for the IOT objective.


aarch64-test01/02 - can be redone as f31 anytime
composer.stg - should be moved to f31
db-koji01.stg - should be moved to f31 and a prod->stg sync
kojipkgs01/02 - I should do these soon to f31, adding to my list.
os-proxy01 - I should do this one, on my list
packages03/04 - No idea here. Can we upgrade?

In theory we should be able to update to f30. I can give it a try in staging. It also should not be too complicated to move to OpenShift or even maybe Communishift.

proxy* - we need to start working on this asap.
relepel01 - do we need this one anymore?
resultsdb/taskotron - can qa folks upgrade these?

old cloud instances:

glittergallery-dev: f23, should be nuked
fedora-bootstrap: f25, should be nuked
waiverdb-dev: f25, still needed?
commops: f27, still needed?
telegram-irc: ? still needed?
copr*stg: f28, can copr folks upgrade?
developer: f28, still needed?
libravatar: f28, should ask them to move to communishift
simple-koji-ci: f29. Can we upgrade to 31? or move it to communishift?

I think thats all of them.

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