How long is the meeting today
I would like to attend but I do not leave work until 3pm est and wanted to know about the mentoring as I am an apprentice 

Thank you,


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From: Kevin Fenzi <>
Date: 06/08/2016 11:03 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Plan for tomorrow's Fedora Infrastructure meeting - 2016-06-09

The infrastructure team will be having it's weekly meeting tomorrow,
2016-06-09 at 18:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting on the freenode network.

We have a gobby document
(see: )

fedora-infrastructure-meeting-next is the document.

Please try and review and edit that document before the meeting and we
will use it to have our agenda of things to discuss. A copy as of today
is included in this email.

If you have something to discuss, add the topic to the discussion area
with your name. If you would like to teach other folks about some
application or setup in our infrastructure, please add that topic and
your name to the learn about section.

= Introduction =
This shared document is for the next fedora infrastructure meeting.
We will use it over the week before the meeting to gather status and info and
discussion items and so forth, then use it in the irc meeting to transfer
information to the meetbot logs.

= Meeting start stuff =

#startmeeting Infrastructure (2016-06-09)
#meetingname infrastructure
#topic aloha
#chair smooge relrod nirik abadger1999 lmacken dgilmore threebean pingou puiterwijk pbrobinson
#topic New folks introductions / Apprentice feedback

= Status / information / Trivia / Announcements =

(We put things here we want others on the team to know, but don't need to discuss)
(Please use #info <the thing> - your name)

#topic announcements and information
#info We are still in Fedora 24 Final freeze - everyone
#info spam attacks ongoing. Many thanks to Patrick for cleaning them up via basset
#info Added ru lang to - kevin
#info faf and retrace services added in stg via proxy01.stg - kevin
#info Notification bounces now going to /dev/null - kevin
#info setup for websites - kevin

= Things we should discuss =

We use this section to bring up discussion topics. Things we want to talk about
as a group and come up with some consensus or decision or just brainstorm a
problem or issue. If there are none of these we skip this section.
(Use #topic your discussion topic - your username)


= Apprentice office hours =

Here we will discuss any apprentice questions, try and match up people looking
for things to do with things to do, progress, testing anything like that.

#topic Apprentice office hours

= Learn about some application or setup in infrastructure =

(This section, each week we get 1 person to talk about an application or setup
that we have. Just going over what it is, how to contribute, ideas for improvement,
etc. Whoever would like to do this, just add the info in this section. In the
event we don't find someone to teach about something, we skip this section
and just move on to open floor.)

#topic Learn about: modularity from a high level - threebean

= Meeting end stuff =

#topic Open Floor