Sounds good to me. :)

On 27/04/17 22:09, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

I thought it might be a nice idea to run another apprentice work day.

What is an apprentice work day? Well, it's where everyone tries to be
around as much as they can on IRC and work on a specific goal with

I was thinking May 24th might be a good day.
It's the middle of the week (wed), and it's when we are in F26 Beta
freeze, so hopefully everyone is a bit less busy than normal.

For topics I'd propose one of the following (please let me know which
one seems best to you or add your own):

* Unloved apps day - Look at some of our apps we don't work on or do
many releases for anymore and fix bugs, perhaps learn how to do a
release, etc. askbot and packages are two apps that leap to mind for this.

* Triage day - Everyone goes through our issues on apps/infra/etc and
adds labels, asks for more info, fixes dupes, etc.

* PR day - like the above issues triage, but PRs.

* Lint day - run ansible-lint and clean up things in our ansible repo.
Perhaps decide on a standard syntax style and convert things to all use
that. Remove uses of things like lineinfile, etc.

Thoughts? Is the 24th good for everyone?
Does one of these sound better than the others?
Do you have some cooler idea?


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