I am very pleased and excited to be joining the Bug Zappers team!
My name is Codegerbil.  My day job is a Systems Analyst, in Tennessee, and the plan is to end up in infrastructure.  I have been using Linux since childhood, and remember using RedHat and Mandrake, back when it was Mandrake.  I have also used Ubuntu and OpenSuse.  My experience with Fedora amounts to a solid week.  However, I installed it specifically to join Fedora projects.  Most of all, I want to learn and build. 

My skills include bash, java (and junit), some ruby (dealt with minitest), some python, some c++, and a bit of perl and sql.  My interests include testing code, as well as networking and security.  I also have a couple of years experience with maintaining databases, research, and reporting.  I look forward to learning about infrastructure and working with the team!
Thank you,
IRC handle: codegerbil