Is there any easy way to prevent this from happening?  I mean, we can
test the test wiki all we want but will we have to re-do all the
changes again when we do the permanent migration?  Is there an easy
way to avoid duplication of work?


Fedora-websites-list mailing list

Yes, we just need to restore the folowing directories inside data:
- user (user logins, preferences, etc)
- pages (actual wiki pages)
and the following files also inside data:
- edit-log (for the recent changes page)
- view-log (some history about viewed pages, etc - not sure if we want to keep this)

So lets plan the following, do a backup for the described folders and files next week (so that we can idenfify wiki changes), and drop them in webtest. The actual data should be updated, without loosing any modification to the actual engine/plugins/theme.

What you guys think ?