On 01.10.2016 20:50, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

You are getting this email because you are in the 'fi-apprentice' group
in the fedora account system (or are reading this on the
infrastructure list). 

Feel free to reply just directly to me, or cc the infrastructure list
for everyone to see and comment on. 


At the first of every month(or so), I am going to be sending out an
email like this one. I would like feedback on how things are going for

I'd like to ask for everyone to send me a quick reply with the
following data or anything related you can think of that might help us
make the apprentice program more useful.

0. Whats your fedora account system login?

linuxmodder 1. Have you logged in and used your fi-apprentice membership to look at our machines/setup in the last month? Do you plan to?
No, having some hardware issues, logins across board have been limited lately.
2. Has it helped you decide any area you wish to focus on or contribute to more?
Still wanting to help
3. Have you looked at or been able to work on any of the fi-apprentice 'easyfix' tickets? https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issues?status=Open&tags=easyfix no, see #1

4. Do you still wish to be a member of the group? If not (for whatever reason) could you provide any hints to help others down the road?
5. Is there any help or communication or ideas you have that would help you do any of the above?
Not really
6. What do you find to be the hardest part of getting involved? Finding things to work on? Getting attention from others to help you? Finding tickets in your interest area?
time, sadly real life hardly allows for steady balance :)
7. Have you been able to make any weekly irc meetings? Do you find them helpful or interesting?
no, again see #1
8. Have you logged into our Gobby instance and read/seen/added to our meeting agenda? https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Gobby
9. Whats your favorite Halloween food? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween#Food
Not really a holiday I do much with, but I enjoy the joy that is often surrounding it (at least in my family, not everyone has that joy I know)
Any other general feedback is also quite welcome, including improvements to this email, the wiki page, etc.
Plan to write down some once normal communication is obtained.
Any folks I do not hear from in the next week will be removed from the group. (Note that it's easy to be readded when you have time or whatever and it's nothing at all personal, we just want to keep the group up to date with active folks). Thanks, and looking forward to your feedback! kevin


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